Connect to your Wi-Fi network, then start StreamStation service enabling the Switch on the top of the screen.
Your IP address will be visible in the center of the screen.
StreamStation's server is started now. Leave your mobile device somewhere and, on your computer (the client), open your browser at the page:


The default port is 9090: so, in our example, you should go to StreamStation's web interface should appear. In the top right corner, paste the link of the file you want to download and press Add.
Congratulations: your first StreamStation download has started! In this window, you can control, pause and cancel it; now you can close your browser while the download continues on your mobile device.
To access StreamStation outside your LAN, you have to set up a port forwarding from your router. This step changes according your model. To set up a port forwarding, you could type this keyword on a search engine:

port forwarding [your-router-model]

Go to Menu > Settings to edit your preferences. You can set the download directory (default is download/StreamStation) and the server port.
Commonly you don't need to change your server port, but it could solve some problems caused by other applications listening on the same port.
Go to Menu > History to see the list of all previous downloads. Pressing and holding on an item you can remove it from the list.